ES Trip Update 1

There are two of us making the mission trip to El Salvador this year. Stacey Doremus, Children’s pastor of Stockbridge United Methodist Church is joining me on this endeavor to ES. She will be there for 7 days and then I’ll continue on in ES and Nicaragua until the 27th.

So far the trip has been par for the course. We arrived without much issue early this morning. We planned to arrive at 7 or so but made it about 7:45am. I tried to check in through the kiosk which is supposed to be quicker and simpler but of course, it would not take my passport because it said my name did not match the ticket.

I am bringing a big tub of stuff for us to use for George Camp in Suchitoto tomorrow and Thursday. Pray the black light bulbs make it! I have 50 lbs of stuff for gifts and supplies 🙂

the flight to Fort Lauderdale was delayed several times, pushing our arrival from about noon to almost 3pm. We were picked up by Mike Liebler who carried me to the bank because I had not been able to get any cash for this trip due to many other issues last week. Fortunately we made it but some of the checks had not cleared so i’m having to roll with what I got and will find a way once I get to ES if I need more.

We had our last American meal at Ruby Tuesday’s. Mike treated us to a great lunch and we worked on some other stuff concerning We left there and went to McDonald’s to use some wifi. Then we made our way back to the airport, which is where I am writing you from now. They just announced that the flight to ES won’t depart here until 1:30am now! Wow! It’s been a super long day! And it seems like tomorrow will be too! We are scheduled to be at the church to depart for Suchitoto by 7:30am. This means about 3 hours of sleep.

We will then leave for this wonderful place hidden away in the mountains of El Salvador called Suchitoto. I’ve been here once before and it really is lovely. We will go to lead about 20-30 kids in some George Camp activities for about 3 hours tomorrow and Thursday. Tomorrow will be wet day games and Thursday will be the gross day games. Please keep us all in your prayers as this is the first time the ES team has tried to do any kind of event like this. They are all excited as are we about the chance to take George Camp international! Haha…who would have ever guessed?

Pray for rest tonight. Pray for travel. Pray for salvation decisions. We will also host a glow day at some point during the time I am here and have a few performances at the deaf schools. Pray for God to MOVE! Thanks. I’ll check back in as much as I can.




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