ES Update 3

Things have been a little “slower” this week. I went to The Church, which is a recent church plant of my friend Mario DelValle. He asked me to preach last Sunday and with joy I accepted his invitation.

The Church started in January and have grown to about 30 people. God has moved greatly already by giving them a great place to worship and use for a fairly cheap price. It was very exciting to be with them and share. I spoke about tests and how God’s intention for them is not for us to fail but to “know what and who we know”, bring us to the peak of our ability, and for us to learn to trust in him, not ourselves. People seemed to be touched and encouraged through the message and I was thankful that God used it!


On Monday and Tuesday I have been meeting with our WAVE team, talking about the future, making plans, encouraging them and challenging them forward in their faith journeys. I helped them with sketching out some plans for a tour they may do in October, putting together some thoughts on a “flash mob”, and then another trip to the USA in 2014.

We also did some team building activities and games and had more than a few laughs, which is always healthy. The team consists of about 15 students now, give or take a few. They have really grown and developed as a ministry that serves and ministers beyond the stage. They have been very active in Suchitoto as I explained in my last update and they are looking for new and creative ways to reach their friends. One of the things coming up after I get back from Nicaragua is a “glow night” they are planning. This will be an outreach event to seek to reach some of their non-Christian friends through a black light party and experience. It will happen on the 27th, so keep that in your prayers.

Over the last couple days I have also been meeting with Mario, talking about the church plant, encouraging him in his undertaking and talking much about how God works and interacts in our daily lives. We have had a good time even this morning for the last couple of hours just sharing about methods and ministry and “keeping it real” and “organic”.  It’s been cool to see how God has allowed me to be able to pour into him some and challenge his thinking about church and the way we interact as “church” in the world. Please keep him and their new “plant”, The Church in your prayers.


I leave for Nicaragua in the morning at 5am by bus. Jorge and I will travel to Managua, Nicaragua and serve with Christ The King Church from Port Orange until the 24th. It’s about a 9 hr bus ride…ugh!!! We will be teaching sign language, performing in some open air venues as well as at church. Probably get to do some surfing too! Not sure how well connected I’ll be there and if the internet will be available so you may not hear from me for about a week. Will notify you all as I can. Until then, thanks for your prayers!



George Lockhart is a missionary with Vision 2 Hear and serves as student pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA



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