Last Day in ES

I’ll be wrapping up my stay in Central America tomorrow morning. It’s been a great 3 weeks and we’ve done quite- a- bit in that time. I’ll hope to have a final update about ES in the coming days. Right now we are putting the finishing touches on the glow night outreach which will take place about 7pm EST. This is a black light, glow stick, performance and gospel presentation. Please be prayerful about this for us all.
The WAVE Team has been working diligently preparing songs like Radiator, Light Up The Sky, This Little Light, among others, to witness to their friends for this event. A glow night has never been done here at the church before so this is a really neat opportunity!
As I will be returning to the states tomorrow afternoon, I will be hosting George Camp in Miami at Wayside Baptist Church next week. Please be in prayer for me with that also, as it’s the last major event for me for the summer. I have many things to evaluate and consider once the summer is “done”. Even though George Camp is the official end of summer events, I still have the V2H Reunion and another week back in Miami for Christ Fellowship’s Spiritual Emphasis week before I will get some vacation and time to evaluate. Really, “summer” continues on until about the 3rd week of August, haha.
More to come…

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