Living in an HD-3D World

Is anyone perplexed by how everything in our world is moving to HD and 3-D?

I am simply amazed that everywhere I turn the marketers and advertisers are selling HD/3-D. I mean good HD and 3-D can’t be beat, right! There’s nothing like sitting down and watching a show or movie where the objects can be distinctly seen, as if they are coming right at you and all of that with surround sound! Many guys just salivate walking into a Best Buy and passing all the possibilities! It’s no wonder that the world is looking for the same thing from Christians!

An HD-3-D Christian is what people really want to see! Sadly we have too many “HM” Christians: High Maintenance Christians. Oh they complain about every little thing; whining when they can’t get their way, arguing and fighting over the most senseless things. And all of this is in 3-D surround sound!

Maybe you have heard the phrase:

“Your walk talks and your talk talks but your walk talks more than your talk talks.”

This is not original with me but it has been around for a while. It’s so true! What we say is important but how we live is what matters! If the world is ever going to be convinced that Christ is the answer, that He is worthy of our lives, we as Christians must start living this way!

The world is confused by us. Angered by us. Disenchanted with us! This is why: what we are doing speaks so loudly they can’t hear a word we are saying! Everything we do is in HD-3D. It’s right in front of their eyes! This is one of the reasons we have our name as “vision 2 Hear”.

As a Vision 2 Hear we  want to be a visible example so that others want to hear what we have to say. We want to live what we say we believe because if you don’t live it then you don’t believe it. It may sound good and reasonable but we know what we believe by how we live.

William A. Ward has said:

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

The question is who does your life inspire? As a teacher or “preacher” or minister of the gospel (which we all are), are others inspired by the way we live? Do others ever question you about your life choices or do they stop their ears because they are tired of hearing the chatter because the way you live doesn’t seem to matter?

In an old Peanuts comic Lucy says to Charlie Brown: “I would have made a great evangelist.” Charlie Brown answers, “Is that so?” She says, “Yes, I convinced that boy in front of me in school that my religion is better than his religion.” Charlie Brown asked, “Well, how did you do that?” And Lucy answers, “I hit him over the head with my lunch box.”

We have far too many “Christians” hitting people with their lunch boxes instead of simply sharing lunch. In a world of HD and 3-D we have to make sure that we are living right and doing right if we are to hoping to make any impact at all. The world is watching and they certainly see and hear the differences. Start living in HD-3D for the Lord. Let your words and actions demonstrate and communicate the love of Christ. When you do, people will start asking you about your faith and you will be surrounded with people of interest!


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