Leadership: Becoming Someone Worth Following

I believe that in the heart of each person lies the desire to become someone great. This doesn’t mean that each person is some self-seeking glory hoarder but it does mean that in the deep recesses of the heart is the longing to be great and do great things. These things could range from raising healthy children and contributing to their well-being to becoming the leader of a country. One  principle to be conscious of is that regardless of who or what we aspire to do with our lives we each have great influence over several people within our lifetimes. This influence is called leadership.

Leadership is a word that some fear, others fight for and some are unaware. Yet any form of influence is leadership. With this is mind I have often been enamored with the idea of leadership. Effective or poor, leadership is  a role that we each have to fulfill to some degree in someone else’s life. So the question is : “How do I become someone worth following?”

In this blog, I will share insights, thoughts and principles I am working on, practicing and learning in hopes that I become someone worth following. I’ll draw from Biblical and secular ideas and concepts.I hope that through it all, it will help me (and maybe even you) in becoming all that God wants.


Who do you have the privilege to influence?

Which people look to you for leadership, guidance, and advice?

Who has been a mentor or great leader in your life? Did you consider them a leader? Friend? Counselor? Mom? or Dad?

How can you better use your influence?

What will it take for you to overcome your fear of leading others?


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