V2H Weekly Update

The week turned out to be fairly busy. A good friend of the ministry drove a vehicle up from Miami on Tuesday. Their family graciously donated it to a family involved with our ministry in Tennessee. I drove the vehicle to them Thursday. While I was in Tennessee, I picked up 9 of the Elevate ramps and moved them to Fayetteville. New Vision Church is now the host home church for Elevate Skate. We are very excited to be partnering with New Vision using this unique outreach tool of providing skate ramps for local kids.

On Friday several from New Vision met at Whitewater High School to be part or serving and providing a meal for the football team. I was prepared to share a small devotional but it did not seem appropriate for the time or setting. I simply led the prayer for the meal. Nonetheless it was good for us to be there and be a visible representation of Jesus for these kids.

The amount of $250 has been set for the ski trip in Feburary. The price includes meals at Teen Valley, Sugar Mountain, lift ticket and rentals. If you are interested please notify me with your intent to travel.

We set and launched a new intiative to stay better connected through a database and notification operation with Barefoot ministries. With this service we can use texting, emailing, tracking of funds and calendars very easily. To update your information along with your team, please email me so I can get it loaded in and get you all connected better. For more information check out Barefoot Ministries. They also offer devotional guides and journals if you feel like your team would benefit from that tool, we can order some. They run about $1.30 each.

Remember to encourage your team to get involved in the Charity: Water Change For A Change. We have a couple of weeks until wrap up this fundraising event. I want to be able to send in about $300 in change! That would be awesome!

Be in prayer for our newest WAVE Team launching in Port Orange next weekend. Also be in prayer for me as I travel with our leadership team from New Vision Sunday until Wednesday for a planning retreat.

Encourage your teams about the FLOW WAVE Conference. Remember we need your input on decorations. We have a concert scheduled for the evening of October 21 at 6pm as a fundraising event for the ski trip and mission trips. We will need people to bring deserts. The WAVE Teams will perform and love offering will go toward mission trip for next summer.


Thanks. Have a great weekend!





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