Leadership: Making a difference

If there’s one thing a leader wants out of their life it’s to make a difference. In fact, many would measure success in that way: how much of a difference has their life made? How can a leader make a difference and what must happen for the leader to bring change?

1) Catalyst

Leaders must be catalysts. They must be the person where change comes from. This means that a leader must not only be open to change around them but must be changing within also. Leaders must continually be open to the Holy Spirit to bring change to their own hearts and minds. They must be the change, if I may borrow from Ghandi. Leaders must model change as well as motivate change. Leaders know what inspires them and they make sure they get inspired from God and other sources regularly. Catalysts bring change to their environments, create an atmosphere where change is possible and constantly remain open to personal growth.  A catalyzed the leader will bring a simultaneous change to others and himself and the differences will follow.

2) Subtracter

Leaders must subtract. The only way to obtain the difference in an equation is to subtract. Therefore, leaders must remove things from their lives, workplaces, and society that inhibit and prevent excellence. Leaders are very particular about what remains pillars and foundations for others to build on. They carefully construct the  pillars upon which everything is built upon by stripping away everything that is unnecessary for success. Leaders go bare-bones and look at the skeleton of their organizations, families, and lives to ensure that there is strength and power behind everything else that is done.

3) Adder

Leaders carefully add to their lives. People will feel free to make all kinds of additions to your life if you are not cautious. Leaders must be very deliberate about what they add to their lives; they only add what will add value to their lives and others. Leaders who make a difference contribute much more than they take. They are investors in eternity. They give. They live the difference and that makes all the difference!

What motivates you?

What inspires you to greatness?

What do you need to get rid of in your life? Organization? Family?

What do you need to add to your life? Organization? Family?

How have you allowed others to add to your life without thinking about it?

What consumes your time and energy? Dealing with problems? Daring to dream?

How can you embody the change you desire to bring?

Who has made a difference in your life? How have they embodied the change they desire to create?


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