V2H Weekly Update 9/28/12

A few of the Stockbridge team traveled to Port orange last Saturday to lead worship at Christ The King Church. It was a great day of worship with our friend and pastor Scott Kirschner. We have been friends with Pastor Scott for several years and we were all part of his efforts in launching his church a couple of years ago. It has been our privilege to be part of serving with him in so many ways through the years.

Not only were we there to lead worship but to launch our newest WAVE team. Pastor Scott has been a big fan of WAVE teams and this is his second launch for us!

There were many that came out for the first practice on Monday. We went through several songs and did some “George exercises” to help them understand that being on WAVE team is no joke but hard work. With two run throughs on the Lawnmower Dance, the chorus of God is Enough a few times and an hour and half of practice, they held up well.

On Tuesday night the number that seems to be settling in for the long haul is about 12. Hey, it worked for Jesus! Congrats Port Orange and welcome to the V2H Family! You guys are doing awesome!

I’ll be going back to Port Orange on October 11 for a Fields Of Faith performance and speaking engagement. The Port Orange WAVE Team will perform with me! How exciting is that?!!

The trip to Port Orange was not just about setting up the WAVE Team. Trevor Jenkins, Matt Hooten and Lawson Malony accompanied me on the trip and I took advantage of using this time for some student discipleship. We talked about core values, leadership, and personal disciplines. It was a good time investing in the lives of these young men and seeing how God is working in their lives!

We had fun too though. With hours of playing RISK with our own superhero rules and pieces, several runs to Dollar General and Walmart, and a trip to the beach and lighthouse, our times were fun and memorable!

Don’t forget to get your $30 deposit for the ski trip in by October 28.

Remember to encourage your team to get involved in the Charity: Water Change For A Change. We have a couple of weeks until wrap up this fundraising event. I want to be able to send in about $300 in change! That would be awesome!

Encourage your teams about the FLOW WAVE Conference. It’s only a few weeks away! We would love to have as many people as possible attend. Remember we need your input on decorations. We have a concert scheduled for the evening of October 21 at 6pm as a fundraising event for the ski trip and mission trips. We will need people to bring deserts. The WAVE Teams will perform and love offering will go toward mission trip for next summer.

This is the new t-shirt we will be getting. I’m excited about the new shirts and hope you are too! Prices coming soon.

Have a great weekend!



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