V2H Weekly Update 10/5/12

Today I’m writing from Newport, NC. Yesterday 3 of us drove up to North Carolina to spend some time with my family and to minister at the Korean Baptist Church. Markie Love and Casey Palicki are students from our New Vision WAVE Team who also have interest in Korean culture so it’s great to have them with me. They will be able to help me with teaching sign to the kids but in turn they will get to learn more about the Korean church, its form of worship and even learn some of the Korean language through a class on Sunday after church. we will be in NC until Wednesday morning.

Most of my week was used in preparing for church services at New Vision for our new series called HOME R-U-N? With the help of some other friends, we were able to get this set up for this weekend’s launch of the series. We basically glued baseball cards into letters and then hung them from the ceiling. We went with this motif because of baseball season and our focus on the family. This weekend our pastor will talk about the home as our base of spiritual operations. The question is R-U-N?









A deposit of $30 is due on October 28. Please make sure you get your deposit in to secure your spot.

We have launched a new service through The Youth Culture Report. Each Friday we will send out a small newsletter of news articles that you may have missed during the week. this will include the top 10 most read from the website. If you would like to be on that email list, please send me your email address and we will make sure you get subscribed.

Remember to encourage your team to get involved in the Charity: Water Change For A Change. We have a couple of weeks until wrap up this fundraising event. I want to be able to send in about $300 in change! That would be awesome!


Encourage your teams about the FLOW WAVE Conference. Remember we need your input on decorations. We have a concert scheduled for the evening of October 21 at 6pm as a fundraising event for the ski trip and mission trips. We will need people to bring deserts. The WAVE Teams will perform and love offering will go toward mission trip for next summer.



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