Quiet Time Reflections

Walking with God.

Genesis 5:24: Enoch walked with God …

Requires use of our will.

We must will to walk with God. We have to make decisions and exercise our volitional power to walk with God. The outward expression and employment of our spiritual “legs” is a picture of what has and is happening inwardly. It is not enough for us to want to walk with God. Wanting something is not the same thing as willing something. The only way to walk with God is align my wants and will with God. Jesus prayed in the Garden that His wants become the same as the Father. He pleaded for another path to walk but ultimately surrendered His will to that of His Father’s will. Once we set our will to walk with God, we must work.

Requires us to work.

Walking in general is work. How much more so to walk in supernatural realms with God! We cannot underestimate the expense, energy and effort that it takes to truly walk with God. We must exercise and execute our plan. Work and discipline are what will help us keep stride with God.  This means that time be spent in close communion with Christ so as to work out our salvation. Reading God’s word, memorizing scripture, praying, and fasting are disciplines and the way we work out  keeping us in tune and step with God. There will be times to be sure when we will stumble and fall but we must be committed to getting back up and in stride with God again! That work of forgiveness and redemption has already been completed by Christ when he walked the hill of Calvary. We must walk that lonely hill of repentance everyday, bearing our own cross and following Him. When we follow Christ to Calvary we are walking in His steps not of repentance but of obedience to the Father. Obedience is the result of repentance for us.

Requires us to watch.

We have to pay attention to where God is going. We are not walking aimlessly but with purpose and intention. We are not going “anywhere” but somewhere and to that place intentionally and purposefully. Watching our step and making sure we are keeping in step with Christ is vitally important in arriving exactly where and when God does. Christ is walking the road to death and we must go there with Him to find life. He invites us to walk with Him but we must exercise our will to allow the work of Christ to be measured out in and through us. Keeping our focus on Christ alone we will surely walk with God and He with us! Watch and pray. Walk with God.


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