V2H Weekly Update 10/14/12

 The week was a very busy week. In fact, it was one of the busiest I can remember!  Markie Love, Casey Palicki and I dove 11 hours to Newport, NC to hang out with my family, attend the Seafood Festival and work with the Korean Church.

This was only Markie’s and Casey’s second mission trip of any sort but they did exceptionally well! On Friday we met up with the Tuckers and went to the local Seafood Festival. There were tons of exhibitors and lots of rides. We spent the evening meandering the streets and had a good time on a few rides.

On Saturday we went to the Korean Baptist church and hosted the youth meeting. We worked on a few sign songs for the WAVE team and then had a brief Bible study with a few games.

Sunday morning we attended the church where we all performed Like A Lion, Superhero and Everything Glorious. One of the cool experiences for the girls was that they got to listen to the Korean service translated through a headset. After the service, we all enjoyed some traditional Korean cuisine. Then for a couple hours they were part of some Korean culture classes, where they learned some of the language, alphabet, and a few Korean games and cultural practices. I was very impressed with their willingness and zeal to jump right in and give it all a try. They did very well!

On Monday we went to Fort Macon State Park and did a little historical survey touring the fort and viewing restored rooms depicting the soldiers’ lives. This little bottle with a model of Jesus was in one of the showcases. Just thought it was cool to see something like this.

After a sightseeing tour of Fort Macon we went to the NC Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores. I’ve been there a few times but this time was special because we actually got to feed the big fish from the top of the tank!

It was a great trip to NC and the girls had a wonderful time of vacationing and learning about Korean culture and life in general. I am glad that they were able to come along.

We rushed back to GA to make the youth meeting at New Vision and hear my good friend Dr. Lora Darrisaw challenge our students about staying away from drug use and abuse. We talked about some of the new drugs that are on the streets and making a huge impact on our society these days. Dr. Lora also talked about several cases she has been working on recently to help drive home the fact that drugs not only harms the users but family and friends of the users as well.

Thursday morning I took Trevor Jenkins and Devin Carby with me to Port Orange, FL. Our new WAVE Team in Port Orange was helping lead worship at an FCA event at Spruce Creek High School. We got to  Port Orange with a little time to spare and got things set up. The event was great with about 75 people showing up for Fields of Faith, a student-led event to share testimonies and worship Jesus. The WAVE team did exceptionally well for being only 3 weeks old! I was very proud and honored to be part of this special event and occasion.

We left the next morning to drive back GA. My aunt was near death’s door and I needed to get back to drop off Trevor and Devin. My aunt passed away about 11pm on Friday night. I left GA yesterday and headed back to NC to be with the family and attend the funeral which will be on next Tuesday.

Needless to say I have been in my car a lot over the last week! I praise God for riding with me and keeping me safe and alert on the roads. As I have a couple of days before I have to do serious driving again, I hope to get some rest. But I have plenty of non-driving work to attend to which will keep me very busy.

Next weekend we have our WAVE Conference. The event starts at 7pm on Friday night with practice. A Bible study will begin about 8:15pm and everything will end by about 9:30pm at the latest. Saturday’s activities will begin at 9am and end by 4pm. I’ll be preaching at the church service for New Vision and the groups are invited to stay to perform some songs with us for the evening on Saturday and morning service on Sunday.

We are having a concert on Sunday night at the church and would like for each team to have their members bring some desserts to be served by members of the youth group from New Vision. A love offering will be received and the proceeds will go toward helping students attend either the ski trip or mission trip.

Also at this event we will end our push for Charity Water. We have been collecting change for several months. We are asking everyone to bring in as much change as possible this weekend. Let’s see which team actually can bring the most. The team leaders whose team bring the most in on Saturday will get a special prize 🙂 For more on Charity: Water Change For A Change.

One final thing is that our ski trip deposits are due by October the 27. Anyone desiring to attend needs to have their $30 deposit in by that day to reserve your spot!

Thanks for all your prayers for me and my family!



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