Quiet Time Reflections

Inner Kingdom

“My Kingdom is not of this world” John 18:36

Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36) and therefore the way I live in this world needs to be different. From the way I use my time, money, and resources, to the way I live, act and serve. But there is even something more deeply connecting me to the “other” world and that is how I spend my personal private time with God. The way this time is used influences and impacts every other aspect of my life. My private life deeply affects my public life. If I am to have God’s power in my public life, I must spend intimate, private time with Him.

Busyness will directly affect this for me and to some degree travel. This is when I must ruthlessly carve out time to be with God. The draw to spend time with others or the incessant phone calls, messages etc. can also take me away from that time with God. I must not allow anything to interfere with my personal relationship with Christ. God is not concerned about my “usefulness” to Him for others. He is deeply concerned about uninterrupted worship.

As impractical as spending time with God in prayer or Bible reading may seem, it really is the only path to accomplishing God’s goals for my life. If I am to stand life’s tests and toils, I must deeply root myself in God, which does not happen on a couple minutes a day!

Things to consider:

How much time do I spend being alone with Christ?

Am I too busy to pray?

What gets most of my attention: public displays of worship or private?

Who gets my attention? Does God have first priority? Do I turn off the cell phone, TV, iPod when it’s time to be with God or am I distracted by them during time with God?



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