V2H Weekly Update: 10/19/12

Hey Everyone,

I’m back in the Atlanta area for the weekend. Let me first say thanks to everyone for their prayers for me and amy family during our time of loss. We sincerely appreciate the love and support shown to us during this time!

I came back to Fayetteville, GA on Wednesday. My Aunt’s funeral was on Tuesday evening. Even though this was a sad event for our family, it certainly brought us all closer together and for that I am thankful! I was able to see another aunt and cousin that I had not seen in over 30 years!

My 2nd cousin Adam, his dad and my first cousin Paul, my mom and brother Mike and me.

While in town, I was able to spend a good amount of time catching up with Paul and his son Adam, along with my other cousins who had just lost their mom to pancreatic and liver cancer.

The time with family was good and reminded us each of how important it is to be there for each other, especially in times like this. Almost all of us spent significant time growing up together at Grandma’s house and it was good to be together even in this time of sorrow.

The Lockhart Cousins: Adam, Mike, Becky, Uncle Joe, Me, Amanda, Kristie (Cricket), and Tommy. 

Also while I was in town I spent time with the Tuckers. It was CJ’s 8th birthday. The paradox between celebrating life and mourning a death was a little strange to say the least. Nonetheless, I was reminded in both cases how precious life and sweet memories can and should be. I was thankful to be able to be part of celebrating this great day with CJ and his friends and family!

After spending a few days with family, I made my way back to Fayetteville for youth group on Wednesday night. The last couple of days have been used getting ready for our WAVE Conference that starts today and goes through Sunday night. Please be in prayer for this event as it’s a great time of worship and growth for our teams. We will learn a couple of new songs (hopefully :)) and certainly draw closer to God and each other.

Don’t forget this weekend we all get our new Not A Monster But An Alien shirts. Please bring $12 to pay for yours. We also have our final push for Change for A Change. Remember that the leader who brings in the most change from their teams will get a prize!

We will also have a dessert theater concert on Sunday night. We will use this as a fundraising concert to help generate money for the ski trip and missions next summer. It’s free. A love offering will be collected.

Finally, don’t forget that the $30 deposit for the ski trip is due on October 27! Please get that in if you plan to go!

See you guys in a few hours! It’s time to go with the FLOW!



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