The Next Door Project

I arrived in San Salvador about 2am this morning and went to bed about 4am. Jorge had some car issues getting to the airport to pick me up. Dead battery. After about 4 hours of sleep, I am up and updating everyone and making plans for when I don’t have internet.

I am spending today and tomorrow in San Salvador and then taking 8 others to Chinandega, Nicaragua. We will arrive there about 10:30am, which means our us leaves at 3am on Friday! Ugh! Not a lot of sleep over the next couple days. However, the trip will be worth it!

I’ll go today and purchase our tickets for the trip. Then I’ll hopefully meet with the team tonight or tomorrow to talk about our plans once in Nicaragua. We will be there until the 9th of November. Once I am in Nicaragua I will not have access to internet or a way to update anyone. But I’ll post an update once back in ES. Thanks for your prayers and support of this effort. For more information on The Next Door Project go to



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