Advent Thoughts 2


Luke 1:38

38 Mary said, “I am the Lord’s servant! Let it happen as you have said.” And the angel left her.

Mary had been an unsuspecting young woman. As many young girls dream of their wedding day, I’m sure Mary dreamt of hers.  Joseph, the man of her dreams had made the pledge to take her as his own and she could hardly wait! Then something happened! Was it a dream? How could this be? This is not how she had rehearsed it in her mind! An angel appeared who told her that she was going to become pregnant  and give birth to the Son of God! Questions filled her mind like a flood crashing in on every dream she ever had of having a “normal” family life.

Isn’t this how God works sometimes, taking us from what we would settle for as “normal” and thrusting us into extraordinary? To be sure this would not be an easy thing for Mary! She would not only have to deal with her own questions and doubts but that of Joseph’s, her parents and his, and then all the neighbors and villagers! This was going to turn her world completely upside-down!

One of the amazing things about Mary is that she willingly lets her dreams go! Anything she may have had in mind: her plans, ideals, and dreams she was willing lets them evaporate into the Heavens so that God’s will would be done. How tightly are you holding onto your own dreams, plans and ideals for your life? What if God came and changed it all up on you? Could you say like Mary: “let everything you want to happen, happen”?

Another remarkable thing about Mary is that she was willing to allow her own reputation to be questioned. She was willing to deal with reproach, misunderstanding, doubts, fears, and perhaps even rejection from loved ones to fulfill all that God desired. How far are you willing to go in bearing God’s son? Even though Mary was bearing Jesus in a physical sense, we bear his name, image and life everyday. We are called to carry him forth into our worlds, each one of us. How much are you concerned about your image, opposed to God’s image? Would you be willing to risk your reputation on Jesus?

Finally let me close by saying that Mary was willing to endure hardship and even to do so alone. She knew it was completely possible Joseph would put her away, or her family disown her for such a scandalous thing. Yet she willingly accepted the task, embracing the hardship along with the fact that her life would never be the same. It truly was never the same but it was better than she could have ever imagined. It was also wrought with heartache and pain that she could have never suspected. In all, Mary was an incredible example of someone willing to surrender her entire life and dreams to see God’s will accomplished. Would you be willing to do the same?

Thoughts and questions to reflect upon:

How are you fighting for a “normal” life?

How has God disrupted your sense of “normal” for His glory?

What would you say is too far for God to “mettle” in your business?

Are there any dreams, goals, plans, that you need to surrender to God?

Would you be willing to risk your entire life on Jesus? Many are willing to risk Heaven on Jesus but not so much Earth. How about you?



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