Christmas Lessons For 2013

New Year Lessons

Before we tuck Christmas away for another 360 some days, let me draw your attention to a few final thoughts to lead us into 2013. Surely there are truths in the story that can help in planning and preparing for the future.

Give God Room To Change Your Plans.

With the New Year, planning preparations are not in shortage. Many take time setting goals, marketing strategies, and visioneering the future. This was not lost on a young couple from Galilee. Mary and Joseph like all young couples had their visions of life together, little did they know those plans would be changed supernaturally. As we enter into 2013, make sure to give God room to change your life and the lives of those around you. God may be up to something you have not taken into consideration and or may have missed.

Don’t Underestimate What God Wants To Do Through You.

Mary and Joseph were simple, young, people. They didn’t have many years behind them, nor were they of any “nobel” stature, yet God chose a virgin and a young carpenter to “parent” the baby Jesus. You have no idea what 2013 may hold, so open yourself up to God and let Him use all of you for His glory. Give Him your heart, mind, body, and soul as He wants to use every facet of your life to bring forth His son.

Realize God Is With You in 2013.

Jesus came to show us God. God used a star, angels, prophecy, promises, among other things to lead people to Emmanuel, God with us. Rest assured that God wants you to know Him, see Him, and reveal Him to others this year! Pay attention to the signs, wonders, promises and manifestation of God around your life. God wants to be known and made known to all peoples, nations, and generations. As you make your plans for 2013 pay attention to the situations, circumstances, people, and places God has brought to your attention. Invite people into your life and share your life with others. Don’t neglect His intervention, details or sovereignty in these matters as He reveals Himself. He is with you and as you see Him working around you, make sure to give Him praise and worship.

Put Your Hope In Christ.

For some 2012 was a tough year and hope is pinned on 2013 to bring more blessings than hardship. However, we have to remember that even as Jesus was born, He was born into tumultuous times. There were literally thousands of babies slaughtered about the time of His birth. Mary and Joseph had to flee into Egypt soon after Jesus’ birth. Remember that our hope must be in Christ, not the surrounding circumstances of our lives, not the government or president, not the ceasing of wars or natural disasters, nor the ease of our own lives; Christ alone.

Worship Christ As A Wise Person.

The act of the wise men bringing their gifts is certainly notable. They did not come to Christ empty-handed nor empty-hearted. In 2013 if there is anything we are to do it is to worship Christ The King regardless of how everything plays out. Make every effort to acknowledge Christ in all things with all things. Give Him your affection, adoration, praise and glory. Sing praises to His name and proclaim His name and fame among your friends and family. Even if 2013 is tougher than 2012, make a conscious effort to worship Christ. If you choose to do so, your life will most certainly be different and you may find that you have peace and joy and hope that goes beyond any explanation.


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