Fast Forward 2013

Fast Forward 2013

Hey Everyone,

Here is some information about this year’s Fast Forward Event. We are asking all teams to participate by:

1) Fasting for 30 hours from Noon on the 8th until 6pm Saturday on the weekend of Feb 8-9.

2) Solicit funds from sponsors

3) Gather if possible over the course of the weekend as a team to pray and share in the experience.

Our goal is $4000 so we can give each group $1000. The way it will divide is 1/4 of whatever we raise to each of the following missions:

Prince/Festus and others in Nigeria to help with schooling and living
Jorge/ El Salvador as he finishes up his schooling in October this will help with school fees etc.
Toney Jones/Nicaragua and educating and feeding people at The Dump and Padre Ramos
Randall Ray/ United Arab Emirates/ monthly support for 2013

Please inform your churches, youth groups and communities about your efforts and help us DRIVE Home the reality that we must give to people around the world. Our mission with Vision 2 Hear is to make disciples and through this effort we are doing just that! Thanks for your support and prayers as we seek to impact the world for the Kingdom of God!



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