As I have taken some time to reflect and consider where we are as a ministry and how I feel things can be adjusted, I want to highlight these 5 characteristics I’d like to see each of us adopt this year. Even though some of these qualities are not really “new” for us, I want to make a greater effort to implement them in our ministry atmosphere and culture. Therefore it will be vitally important for all leaders and volunteers to creatively seek opportunities for their teams to practice these as well as take time to talk about and celebrate each quality throughout the year. Each day this week, I’ll highlight another character quality. Please share ideas, thoughts or comments about what you think or feel can help us accomplish this in our lives or ministry.




As I attended church this week while on “vacation”, I was reminded of this very principle once again: each individual must grow their own relationship with Christ. Christ wants to know each of us and for each of us to know Him deeply, personally and intimately. Sadly many Christians today are very shallow in their relationships with one another and the same holds true with their relationship with Christ. Psalm 46:10 is a clear command from God that each person KNOW HIM. As members of the WAVE team or any other faucet of V2H, I want to encourage us all to make sure we carve out daily time to be with God, in stillness and quiet. I have personally made it my goal to read through the entire Bible this year, along with writing in my journal daily, and working on scripture memorization, to name a few spiritual goals I have. However, none of those things make me “know” God. They are spiritual practices but nothing can replace being in God’s  presence and listening to Him speak. Make it your driving ambition to GET INTIMATE this year.

How do you plan to be intimate with Christ this year?

What do you do for personal growth?

How can we practice this character as a community of faith?



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