Yesterday I wrote about how important it is for us to get intimate with God. Today I want to press our thoughts toward getting intentional.


Like many other ministries, businesses, etc. we can end up doing many good things and accomplishing a lot in a year. But we have to look at the things we are doing and ask ourselves: does it match our mission? Is what we are doing the BEST or is it just something to do? I want us to make sure we are intentionally choosing the direction we go. I want us to be intentional about our plans, preparation and in our prayers. As we embark on this year’s journey, we need to saturate our hearts, minds, and wills in God’s WORD and prayer so that when we make decisions, we can confidently rest in the fact that God has intentionally allowed or not allowed certain things to happen. I want our teams and people to understand that every choice is important and self-revealing. Whether we believe it or not, every choice does have some affect on ourselves, others or perhaps other decisions etc. As a ministry and individuals, let’s GET INTENTIONAL and be driven by the momentum of excellent choices!

How can we practice intentional living?

What doe sit look like for you to become intentional?

Please comment and join the conversation.


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