Now that we have explored being Intimate and Intentional, let’s look briefly at being Incarnational, the third word of our 5 part series.


This is a word some may not be too familiar or maybe you have heard it and just aren’t sure what it means. The word is similar to personify, which means to take a characteristic and embody or make it “human”. When we use the word “incarnation” it’s usually surrounding the concept of Jesus becoming “flesh” and living like us. For Jesus to move from God to “man” He had to incarnate Himself. In other words He became a man, thus becoming the “God-Man”.

For us to be incarnational we are saying that we want to be like Jesus or that we want Jesus to be Jesus in us. That we would become the “flesh” in which Jesus’ Holy Spirit resides and ministers to others is incarnation. We are not simply saying we are His hands and feet but His Body. To live incarnationally could look different for each person however, it would always resemble Jesus and His disposition, motivated by His love and marked by His sacrifice. When we are driven by compassion, love and kindness, we are incarnating Jesus. As Holy Spirit moves in us and empowers us, Jesus will be incarnating Himself through us for others to see His glory.


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