This is part 4 of a 5 part series on how V2H wants to Get IN shape in 2013. The first three characterics were Intimate, Incarnational, and Intentional. Today’s word is Involved.


For people who are going to be intentional and incarnational  in the world as well as intimate with Jesus, there must be involvement. It will be essential for those of us who desire and expect to make a difference to become more and more involved in our communities, churches, schools and thus world. This will best be accomplished by reading, studying, exploring, cultivating, dreaming, and relating to people around us. It will mean taking up further responsibilities and putting down lesser “gods”. It will require devotion and discipline. Being involved will probably get messy and certainly not fit into a “balanced” life.  This may come as surprise but Jesus was certainly not balanced nor did He devote Himself to everything or every person. He did not seek to have a well-rounded life with time devoted to “family”, “work”, “friends”, “God” etc. He lived His life for the glory of God in all areas and sought God’s Will with each step He took, turning away from some things in order to ultimately accomplish His life’s mission. It will be imperative as we endeavor to make a greater impact this year to prayerfully consider with whom and how we get involved. And then do it.


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