This is the final part in our series of  how our V2H members can Get In with our ministry this year. The last word I want to focus on is inspired.


The word inspire comes from the thought of being “breathed into”. It’s a breath of fresh air, an idea or even person who takes you beyond yourself to another place. To be inspired is to be creative, dreamy, visionary, and hopeful. As the final word in our list, it is no less important; people who are inspired are people who make a difference!

Inspiration comes when we have a connection with God and spend intimate time with Him. With inspiration we get involved in serving and leading people toward Christ using our gifts and abilities. We become very intentional in everything we do because our inspiration keeps us focused. This focused incarnational living becomes inspirational to others because of the love, compassion, sacrifices and serving we exhibit. Inspiration is life.

Jesus is inspiration and breathes life into everything that has life. As we draw our very breath from God, may we become that picture of inspiration to others that compels them to love God with all of their hearts, minds, bodies and souls.The final challenge I would make to us all is to live inspirationally and  find those things which really bring us to life which will drive us forward into 2013. Get “IN” and Let’s Go!

What inspires you?

Who inspires you?

How can your inspiration be used as an inspiration to someone else?


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