“Get In” The Word.

Get In 1Moving into this week, here’s the challenge I’d like to pose to everyone looking to get in with Vision 2 Hear this year.

There is no mistaking that we get into a lot of things each and every day. There is nothing that I feel is more important than making a deliberate and concerted effort for each of us to get in the Word of God.

God’s Word is obviously important, right? Then why do so many disregard reading, memorizing or studying it? If something is important, by definition, it demands more attention and focus than other things in our lives. Yet, so many say the Bible is important without cracking it’s cover at all in a week or longer.

God’s Word is Eternal.

God places a high value on His Word. In Matthew 24:35 and Mark 13:31, Jesus reveals the eternality of God’s Word. Being that there are very few things that have eternal value in our world, choosing to invest in God’s Word has huge implications for the future. If we want a great return on our lives, investing in something eternal, particularly God’s Word, is one of the best uses of our time we can make.

God’s Word is In Reach.

At this time in history, there are more copies of the Bible accessible to people than ever before. With this fact, we don’t spend time in God’s Word because we simply don’t reach for it. With apps, emails, and physical versions of the Bible at our fingertips, the reason for not reading it s not because it isn’t accessible to readable, it’s because we have not been intentional in reaching for it.

Throughout history, the manuscripts were read daily, memorized at a very young age, and carried about from place to place. To truly be followers of God, we must reach for God’s Word as our source of instruction, wisdom, and direction each day. The longest book of the Bible, Psalm 119, dedicates 173 of its 176 verses explicitly referencing God’s Word in some form in each verse.

Psalm 119:11 shows us that if we endeavor to keep sin at bay, staying in God’s Word and keeping it with reach by having it on our person, on our minds or in our heart is the way to do it.

11 Your word I have treasured in my heart,
That I may not sin against You. Psalm 119:11

God’s Word In You?

With those things being said, is God’s Word in you? Are you investing in the eternal living Word of God? Are you reaching for it every day as your Source of inspiration and instruction? If not, here’s my challenge: Commit to “getting in”  this week. Here is what I’d like for you to consider doing:


Spend fifteen minutes a day in the Bible. This may require you to get up earlier or to schedule or reorder some priorities but I can assure you that these fifteen minutes can and will change your perspective, attitude and life. There are many fantastic sites, apps, and guides that can used to help you achieve this very easy and simple goal.

Chewing The Cud

The whole idea of mediation comes from the way a cow eats its food. From chewing once and then swallowing to regurgitating and chewing again, the cow processes the food and then digests it. In the same way, we need to memorize the Bible, chew it, ponder it, think on it, process and then live it. This week, I’d like to challenge you to memorize Psalm 119:11 as a start.


As a final challenge this week, may I encourage you to memorize the books of the Bible in order. Knowing the books of the Bible makes it’ easier to locate passages and it simply makes you familiar with the greatest tool at your disposal.

Got some things that you do on a daily basis to grow spiritually? Or have some tools that help you? Share them by commenting on this article. Let’s Get In together this week!


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