George Lockhart

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Moses was a great and wise leader.  This is greatly punctuated  when Moses hears and heeds advice from his father-in-law, Jethro. Read the story here: Exodus 18 . May I offer three critical pieces of advice from an old mentor to new leader?

Don’t Do Everything.

Moses was selected to lead a nation. He had his brother Aaron beside him most of the time however, Moses was the one dealing with all the decisions, direction and discipline within the camp. As God’s choice, he was carrying a load of responsibility and doing almost everything himself. As Jethro comes for a visit, he notices quickly that Moses needs a break and must employ others around him.

Jethro’s advice: Leaders must be very careful to not get bogged down in daily affairs which can be handled by other competent leaders. Let others lead with you.

Delegate Wisely.

Moses already had some trusted friends…

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