GOD. Omniscient

GOD.Psalm 139:4 Even before there is a word on my tongue, Behold, O Lord, You know it all.

Knowledge. Being able to know all there is to know or obtain a greater understanding of people and God has been a quest many have made through the ages. Through higher education, the internet, astrology and psychics, people have an unquenchable passion for knowing more about life, themselves and the future. Yet, our finite minds cannot know all there is to know. We cannot obtain all knowledge or wisdom. We cannot ascertain everything there is to know about another and most certainly not about God! But God knows everything there is to know about me! For some this may be an unnerving thought. However lately, I have found it rather comforting and even relieving to know that God knows everything there is to know about me! Here are 4 things I take comfort and find relief in knowing that God is the only omniscient God.

1) Because God knows me perfectly, I can trust His plan perfectly.

God knows my likes and dislikes. He hand-crafted me and put me together with my skill set, personality, and drive. He knows what gets me excited and what will bring me down. Learning to trust Him with decisions and paths to take becomes easier when I accept the fact that God knows me and He loves me. He really wants what is best for me and if I will follow and obey, He will create me for that “space” and create that “space” for me. The Bible is clear that God has a plan for me, that He has chosen me for certain tasks and that He will complete His work in me in due time. I can rest in His perfect plan because no one knows me better than Him. He knows exactly where I need to be, doing what I would love to be doing. I may not always understand His plan or what He is doing but He has all knowledge and sees how everything will play out. I simply need to trust Him to be God.

2) Because God knows me perfectly, I don’t have to hide my imperfections.

As foolish as it sounds, we all try to hide from God. The sins I have committed that I am most ashamed about or feel the worst over, I try to keep from God by not admitting them. But not admitting them does not hide them from God. He is all seeing! As He is all-present, He was with me when I committed those sins and being all-present, He is thus all- knowing. Lack of confession does not hide them from God but it does bury them deeper and deeper in my heart. According to 1 John 1:9 though, if I confess, if I bring it out to Him, He will forgive me. This is not about revealing something to God that He doesn’t know; it’s about be agreeing with God in that I see it just the way that He does: painful, ugly, and damaging. God’s full knowledge of me means that anything I do will never surprise Him or catch Him “off-guard”. He will never be shocked by what He sees in me, whether good or bad. With this knowledge, I need not ever be afraid to humbly come into His presence and admit my failures, shortcomings or sin. At the same time I can also pour out my heart to God and talk freely about my wants and desires, anger and joys without repercussion as He invites me to honestly come before Him.

3) Because God knows me perfectly, I am loved perfectly.

Knowing and being known is one of the deepest desires of a human being. The depth to which someone really knows me is the depth to which that person can truly love me. If you only know surface stuff about me, how can you really love me? We live for those relationships where we can be fully “naked” with one another without shame and fear as Adam and Eve in the Garden. However, we cannot be that open and honest with everyone. In fact, there may be no one that you could fully trust with your whole entire being! Many of us have very few, if even one person, that we feel loves us with all of our wrinkles and warts. This is not lost with God. God loves us perfectly just as we are. He who knows us best and at our worst loves us most. His love is perfect and nothing can separate us from that love. No amount of sin. No amount of fear. Perfect love casts out all fear! Since God knows me completely, I can experience a perfect love that I certainly don’t deserve but gratefully enjoy!

How does knowing God knows everything about you affect your view on life?


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