George Lockhart



Discipleship is nothing less than multiplication through replication. As followers of Jesus we are meant to reproduce our lives in the lives of others. This is God’s will for our lives as bonafide disciples of Jesus. Just as an orange tree naturally produces oranges, we are to naturally (really supernaturally through the Holy Spirit) produce disciples of Christ. Here are 4 truths about discipleship replication.

1) Disciples beget disciples.

In the natural realm, reproduction follows naturally after like kinds. This means that as it is natural for an orange tree to produce oranges, it is only an orange tree that can produce seeds for an orange tree. In the same manner, just as a disciple will produce fruit in keeping with Christ ( love, joy, peace, gentleness etc.) only a disciple can produce another disciple. Disciples beget disciples. Are you producing disciples through your life?

2) Discipleship is a (Super)natural product of a disciple of…

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