George Lockhart



A friend once asked Gandhi a very enlightening question: “If you admire Christ so much, why don’t you become a Christian?”  Gandhi’s response was very revealing: “When I meet a Christian who is a follower of Christ, I may consider it.”

It is very sad that Gandhi had this to say.  But he is not the only one who has these sentiments concerning “Christians”.

One thing we fail to remember is that to be identified with Christ, we have to adopt His teaching as well as His lifestyle.  This means that we have to become good followers of Christ.

Joseph Stowell, author of Following Christ, writes: “Leadership is a temporary assignment; followership is a lifelong calling.”  Stowell is pointing out that those who are called “Christian”, regardless of position, are called to followership.  In fact, how well one learns to follow will certainly impact the scope of…

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