Snapchat: An App Informative



How harmless can a ghost be? Snapchat is a picture/video text messaging app launched in 2011 that lets the user send a picture or video of themselves and set a time limit as to how long the message will last. Hence the ‘ghost” icon. It has become known as the app made for “sexting”. Boasting 50 million “snaps”-a-day, Snapchat is something your kids have certainly heard about if they are not using.

How it works:

Snapchatters take a picture or video of themselves, called a “selfie”. They then determine how long the “chat” will last, which ranges from 2 to 10 seconds. After determining to whom they will send the message, they initiate the message and that’s it. Once the receiver gets the message, they can view it for the determined amount of time and then, “poof”, it’s gone. Unless the receiver takes a screenshot of the pic, that is. If this happens, the pic can be reposted on websites, blogs, or messaged to others via similar messaging apps or tools.

With this being the case, one can easily see why using Snapchat can be dangerous for kids and students. An unwise choice sending a pic, even as a joke can resurface in places we don’t want to think about. Why not take some time today and talk to your child or students about Snapchat?


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