George Lockhart

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Dr. Strange Love

Is it strange to you that the first word from Jesus on the cross was “forgive”? Isn’t this the ultimate reason that Jesus came: to forgive sinners? In forgiving sinners, He demonstrated a love that many thought was strange.

Throughout His earthly ministry, He had been criticized time and again for socializing, “partying” and eating with “sinners”, of whom all needed forgiveness. On occasion Jesus even pronounced people “forgiven”, (i.e. Luke 7:48, Mark 2:5), to the chagrin of the religious leaders present. Because of His great love for people, Jesus not only lived among us, He came to die for us. This was no ordinary love to be sure!

Waiting To Exhale

In Luke 23:34, we find that same word of forgiveness exhaling from his precious lips falling as grace upon the very people who hung Him on the dreadful cross. Wasn’t this a hard word for…

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