George Lockhart

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Paradise Regained

Two men hung on either side of Jesus. Both hurled insults at him, joining with the crowd in jeers and mockery. As time continued however, something changed in one of the men’s hearts. He went from unbelief to belief; from doubt to faith. In that moment of realization, he uttered words that would have shocked his family, friends and those around him: “Remember me”…he said. That was all it took to draw one of Jesus’ final breathes from His lungs across his parched lips: “Today, you will be with me in Paradise”.

This promise from Jesus came because of a word of faith from a known and convicted criminal. Even though moments before this same man was uttering words of disbelief, Jesus accepts his request and assures him a spot in paradise. How can this be? How can Jesus be so free in offering just ANYONE into paradise?…

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