Jesus: No Place To Stay


On this resurrection day, I simply want to remind everyone that while Jesus was on this planet, He had no place to stay. He traveled from place to place, staying in people’s homes like with Mary and Martha and Lazarus, but reported Himself that the Son of man had “no place to lay His head”. This may seem unfortunate to us but it was all part of God’s plan for His Son to not have “residence” in this place or on this planet. This was not His home. Jesus was born in a borrowed manger and buried in a borrowed tomb. In between those two events, He lived in places He did not own and shared spaces He would not stay for long!


Jesus was placed on a cross…hung there with nails in His hands and His feet. He was put there to stay. The people who killed Him thought they were done with Him. But little did they know, the cross could not keep Him down, hang Him up or do Him in! Jesus didn’t stay on the cross! After a few hours, they took Him down and placed Him in a tomb.


After rolling a boulder in from of the doorway, the Romans thought they had devised a surefire way to prevent Jesus’ body from being “stolen” and to keep His body in the tomb! Little did they know or understand that no one can contain or keep the Son of God entombed! After three days, Jesus gloriously rose from the dead and miraculously left the tomb. That was a place for dead people and certainly not a place for the Son of the Living God to stay!


Jesus soon departed for Heaven, telling His disciples to go and make other disciples. He told them He was going to make a place for them…for us…to stay but that one day He would come again to get us so that we could be where He is. Jesus has gone to that place but is not planning to stay there yet…He is yet to settle in! He is preparing a place for us and once that is complete, Jesus will come again!


So what is really amazing is that through all of this, Jesus’ earthly life, His tragic death, His miraculous resurrection and glorious ascension, Jesus has chosen only one place to reside until He comes again and that place is in our hearts through the Holy Spirit! (2 Corinthians 1:22, Ephesians 1:13, Ephesians 4:30). Resurrection Day is so vitally important because it’s the day Christ  chose to demonstrate that the most powerful people or places on this planet could not keep Him or limit Him in any way. He did not stay on the cross or in the grave but has chosen to reside in my heart until He comes to take me to live with Him in Heaven, where we will abide together forever! This is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Why not give Him your heart as a place to stay this Easter?


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