Reflections on Easter After Easter

after easter paper

Now that Easter has come and gone, how did it change the way we live, feel, act, and respond? How easily will we fall back into the mundane and habitual routines of life?

Why not let the Resurrection of Christ affect your life today in by reflecting on these simple truths?

“He Is Not Here”

Where is He then? Sometimes we are looking for the “Lord” in all the wrong places. I put “Lord” in quotes because whether we know it or not, everything we do is a quest for God. We are all seeking the Lord, or seeking the longing created in us that Lord alone can fulfill. This is why we are so dissatisfied at times. It is because we are trying to meet God-given desires with things or people that will never be able to satisfy…He is not here or there or in that relationship or in that pursuit. The women went to the tomb and found that He was not there; all they found was emptiness in a place of death. What is it that you are looking for in a place of emptiness or death? You will not find what you are truly looking for, which is Life, Love and ultimately Christ in those kind of places!

“Why Look For The Living Among The Dead?”

The angels were asking a very simple and yet profound question: Why would you look for the Lord of Life in a place like this? How easy is it for us all to fall into this trap? We can run to all sorts of things looking for answers to life’s most important questions and fail to turn to the Author of Life altogether! Music,movies, and the rest of media all direct us to the fact that we long for something more…something deeper…something life-altering. Why is it that we look for life in places of death?  Sin will take your life without restoring it. Christ will restore your life by taking it! If you are willing to die to yourself you will find life…this is in fact the only way to find life. Every other attempt is looking for the living among the dead.

“He Is Risen!”

The greeting early century Christians used reveals a great truth to hold onto: “The Lord is Risen! He is Risen indeed!” Is there anything too great for Him? If this truth is the truth of our lives, doesn’t it change everything? How is it that we can feel overcoming death for Jesus was easier than overcoming debt for us? How is it that we can think Satan was a lesser foe for Jesus someone else in our lives? How is it that we can think that His ability to overcome the grave is not powerful enough for any situation that seems like life or death to us?  The fact remains that the Lord is risen and because He has risen, everything else is less empowered than we think. But that’s just it, right…it’s about how we think! Our thinking, our understanding, our belief is what affects the way we live.

Nothing has power over Christ! But this is what we tend to forget. Everything shivers at the mention of His name. If the Lord has risen indeed, there is nothing that we need to fear, nothing that should intimidate, nothing from which draw back, nothing from which to run. There is nothing which should bring unbelief, doubt, or question His power, love or ability. He is LORD. He is ABLE. He is RISEN! He is the conquerer of not only death but everything that brings death to us and in us. What is conquering you? If it is Christ and you are overcome by His Spirit, His power, His life, then there is nothing else can defeat you because you are dead in Him. He is alive! He is alive in you! This is Easter after Easter!

Questions For Reflection

How does the Resurrection of Jesus Christ affect your view of life today? Your future? Your decisions?

What seems to have a death-grip on your mind?

What areas of your life seem empty and devoid of life?

How are you substituting your relationship with God by turning to these lesser gods, which will never satisfy?

In what way can you leave the tomb today renewed and changed?

How is Jesus trying to restore you today?



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