Back To School Basics


Back To School Basics To Remember

With school starting, here are 4 very basic things to remember to help you have the greatest influence and impact this year.

1) Your teachers and principals are not your enemies.

Even though they enforce rules, give out homework, and in some cases exercise discipline, they really do want the best for you and the entire student body. Get to know them, pray for them and model godly character. In doing so, you might be surprised how God will open doors for ministry.

2) Prayer is still possible in school.

You may not be able to stop the class and offer an audible prayer but no one can stop you from offering up prayers to God all day long. Whether you are in math, walking from class to class, or in the cafeteria, your prayers can and do make a difference. By-the-way, you can also take and read your Bible at school! It’s not against the law! Use your time in school to silently disarm the powers of darkness with your two most powerful tools: prayer and scripture.

3) Where you are assigned to sit, the teachers that you have, are all ordained by God.

As crazy as it may seem, God is going to place you in exactly the classroom, with the classmates he wants you to influence. Don’t forget that God is ultimately in charge as you follow him into science labs, tutoring, or onto the field. Let God use you to influence the people around you. Allow God to have you as an ambassador right there in algebra.

4) This mission only lasts 180 days, so make the most of them!

Some days may drag but in the bigger picture, this mission is short. Please don’t underestimate the value that your influence can have in someone’s life on a daily basis with a basic smile, help with homework, conversation at lunch or ride home from school. Your years in school are prime time for you to have significant impact for the kingdom of God!

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