Shift: 20/20 Vision August 11

George Lockhart

2020 vision

We all want to see clearly, don’t we? There’s nothing more annoying than having to squint, straining our eyes to see what’s right in front of our faces. Yet, for many this is exactly how it is. Something is smeared on the glasses. A contact falls out. A bug lands smack dab on your eyeball! Whatever the case, seeing clearly can be a challenge. Over the course of the next 20 days, I want to invite you to join me and others on a journey of rediscovering God’s vision for our lives, cleaning up the “blurred lines” and helping us refocus our efforts and energies on what is most important to Him.

Day 1

Over the next 20 minutes consider this verse in these different translations. Allow God to begin to speak to you about Vision and seeing clearly.

18 If people can’t see what God is doing,
they stumble all…

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