Between A Rock And A Loaf Of Bread

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What man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? —Matthew 7:9

So it seems to me an easy thought…of course a good father is gonna give his child a loaf of bread! But what I just heard recently is that in Israel there are stones that actually look like loaves of bread or perhaps rolls. These rocks/stones are so much the shape and sizes of the loaves of bread that they could be mixed in and mistaken for the bread if someone were trying to play a trick on another. But isn’t that what this passage is about? It’s not about the prayer or the pray-er. It’s about the one who is being asked, right? Afterall, isn’t God a good Father? Even though we are wrong, evil and full of sin sometimes, the Father is always still good! God doesn’t play games or tricks on his Children. He’s not gonna fake us out with a rock-loaf when we are hungry and in need. He’s not gonna play mind games with us and give us something that looks like the real thing for us to take a bite and break out our teeth! He’s a good Father who wants the best for His children.

Often I can feel like the bread I have been given is hard as a rock but it’s still bread.

Sometimes God may only give me the ingredients for bread and I have to make the dough, knead it, and bake it.

There may be times when I need to settle for a cracker instead of a fresh slice of bread. Other times when God may give me white bread instead of whole wheat. The point is that God gives me bread, sustenance, what I asked for but in a different way, shape or form, but it’s basically bread.

Finally, in the matter of bread, isn’t Jesus the bread of life? Sometimes I may get too caught up in asking for bread instead of asking for the bread maker. I remember when Jesus was tempted in the desert to turn the stones into bread. Maybe they already looked like bread, they would have just needed to taste like it, to become edible. Jesus refused to turn rocks into bread and he still refuses to do so. I will not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from God’s mouth. God wants to give me the eternal “logos” or word from His mouth, His bread of life…Himself.


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