The Way Of Worship

SAM_1379Magnify The Lord With Me...

It seems weird to say a verse like that knowing that God is bigger than anything I could possibly imagine. Blowing God up to God-size is needed but really unfathomable. And yet, that’s what I am to do. But how? God desires for us to truly find the way of worship where we see Him for who He is even if we can’t comprehend exactly how big He is.

Magnification Means Reduction

In other words, it’s like Honey I Shrunk Myself. The Way Of Worship is discovered when we reduce ourselves in light of Who God is. For many of us, we become the god of our own universe. We rule our own domains, we make our own rules, and we dare anyone to invade our space much less tell us how to live.  John The Baptist was clearly aware of the reduction principle when he uttered the words: ” He must increase and I must decrease”. When we effectively reduce ourselves, the magnification of Christ is readily known to all. In order to magnify the Lord, we have to shrink ourselves. We can no longer worship ourselves, our way of life, or our less-than-over-the-top-view of God. Either we reduce ourselves or we reduce God…and God will not be reduced!

Magnification Means Up-Close-And-Personal

Anytime we use a magnifying glass, it brings whatever is far away…seemingly so…right up close. What was once hard to read, see or touch, seems larger, bigger and within reach. Lately, I have been trying much more deliberately to make God’s presence much more a present reality. I have been acknowledging His presence not only during prayer times but in everyday actions and ordinary tasks. Doing this reminds me of God’s presence which sometimes keeps  me from sin and makes me aware of God in everything I do and all that I am. 

Magnification Means Amplification

Worship is all about seeing God for He really is but it’s also about hearing Him and letting His praise be heard.  Where magnification may deal with how and what is seen, amplification is about what is heard.  The Way Of Worship is praise. It is not feel-good songs of how I am the center of God’s heart and world. On the contrary, it is about amping up the words and heartfelt adoration of how flawlessly perfect my God is. Worship is about “wordship”. The words of my mouth, the thoughts of my heart should be amplified  and should bring honor and glory to God.  I have to catch myself and make sure that God is at the center of my conversations, thoughts and motives…it’s far too easy in this “iPod” “iPad” “iPhone” “iGeneration” to magnify myself over God. It’s no wonder “idolatry” begins with an “i”.

These are just a few things I have been discovering as I make a new foray into worship of God. How has your view of worship “shifted” lately?

George ProfileGeorge Lockhart is a missionary with Vision 2 Hear and serves as the youth pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA

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