Jorge Graduation


For the last 7 years, I have known Jorge Alberto Fernandez Campos and been able to watch him grow, mature, lead and develop as a young man. On October 19, I got to watch him stroll across his university stage and receive his college diploma. What a blessing!

When I first met Jorge (2006),he had just returned from a mission trip (alone), as a 18 year old serving with other missionaries in Romania and Spain. After discussing many things about his future, family and ministry, we decided to invite him to the USA and do an internship with V2H.

Me and Jorge

Jorge and I at a church event in Miami, 2007

Sure enough, Jorge came and traveled with me and Casey Jones for several months in 2007. He arrived in Atlanta and basically lived with me from January until July. He helped with learning some spanish songs in sign language but he also learned some english songs and performed along with us on our many travels throughout the east coast. He shared his testimony at schools, churches, and youth groups, impacting them with his heart and lessons like the “Pencil”. He attended his first George Camp in Miami that year before heading back to El Salvador.

Since that time, he brought a team of 13 to the USA with a project we called ToGetHer(e). The students who came were able to share performances at the Atlanta School For The Deaf, do work in Chattanooga, TN, Kings Mountain, NC as well as challenge and encourage our local WAVE teams. Jorge has worked tirelessly in ES, helping not only our USA teams in the summer with trips but a vast array of teams coming from the USA all year long.

Because of his well-spoken english, he is often given the chance to interpret for americans on mission trips to El Salvador but he also leads Bible studies and assists at his church in various ways, teaching students on Sundays, leading mission expeditions to places like Nicaragua, among many other short-term projects. One of the mission projects that has become a mainstay is in Suchitoto.


Jorge and I at his graduation 2013

For over 2  years now, Jorge has been taking small groups of people out to a village called Suchitoto. It’s a small farming community that some missionaries from Washington state have helped develop. Jorge has been working diligently there teaching them english, mentoring and discipling the children, helping establish an acting and photography ministry, and seeking to help them with sustainable living conditions and food.

SAM_3865Over the course of the few years, Jorge has been immersed in much schoolwork as well. You can imagine the enormity of college life and trying to get school fees paid, plus running a ministry that is being started from scratch. Yet, he has thrived and done very well. Not only has he accomplished obtaining a degree in Psychology but the ministry there is well underway to getting their NGO (Non-Government Organization status). Needless to say, he’s been busy! And God has been blessing.


It was with great joy and pride that I was able to attend his graduation and share this wonderful experience with Jorge and his family. They are my family too. I not only attended the graduation but was invited to say a few words at his graduation lunch. I prepared some words and signed the song “Words I would Say” by Sidewalk Prophets for him. Many were in tears by the end, myself included.

Over the years we have grown very close and shared many wonderful times together in El Salvador and the USA. On behalf of Jorge, let me say a huge “THANK YOU” to all of you have contributed to V2H over the last 6 years and helped us give to him to pay his school fees, buy his clothes, sponsor his trips, and helped provide for him to obtain this degree. Thank you for making such a meaningful investment in his future and eternity! GRACIOUS!SAM_3968

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