Fast Forward Prayer Guide

Fast Forward 2014

Here is a sample prayer guide for you to use as you begin fasting today. Thank you for joining us as we pray and fast forward to make a difference in our world for Christ!

Fast Forward Prayer Guide:

Noon Begin Fast

Prayers include people we know on the mission field: Jorge, Prince, Festus, Nicaragua and Together Works, Randall Ray and The United Arab Emirates, Worldcare Ministry, The Meeks in Honduras, Rosa and the WAVE team in Nicaragua, India missions and Pastor Rajendra.

Friday 3pm
Prayers include people in our area who are poverty stricken, homeless, in need. Pray for our churches: New Vision, Bethany, The Movement, Igleisa Baptista. Pray for our Partners in Ministry: Worldcare, Worldvision, Compassion International, India Ministry, The prison ministry, Angel Tree, and others.

Friday 6pm
Prayers include people who are sick and in dire need. AIDS victims around the world, especially in Africa. Friends and family suffering with and through cancer. Organizations dealing with water and humanitarian relief. Relay for Life.

Saturday 9am
Prayers for those in homeless shelters, prisons, orphanages, and directly affected by natural disasters over the last few years.

Prayers for ourselves and how God wants to use us in efforts in alleviating poverty. Prayers for our role in the church and movements to make a difference. Prayers for our mission events this summer and those traveling with New Vision and Vision 2 Hear.

Saturday 3pm
Prayers include friends and families, schools, government and lawmakers around the world.

Saturday 5pm
Prayers include thankfulness and gratitude for all we have. Thanks for health and home, family and loved ones, for being able to do more in the future.


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