A Prayer For Lent And Reflection


Turn on your spotlight and expose the rot right down deep in my soul
use the stones I drop to lay on top of my grave and make me whole
Bring me to a blinding end that I may discover where you begin
Son of God, rip right through, eclipse me with you. 

Read Psalm 139 and meditate on the work God wants to do in your life throughout the next 40 days.

Consider the work of His hands.

How did He put you together?

In the passage where are His hands mentioned?

Do you feel as though you are in “good hands”?

How does God as an artist seem to be working in your life?

Would you look at yourself as a “masterpiece”?

Do you see yourself as a sculpture? Painting? Abstract? Drawing? Mixed Media? Movie? Novel?

When is the artwork done/finished?

How patient can you be for God to complete His work?

How do you feel that God is doing with his piece of “art”:you?

What does this passage reveal to us about the Artist’s vision/dream of the artwork?

Does viewing God as an Artist change anything about your perception of Him and what He is currently doing in your life?


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