New Intern Arrives

Hey Everyone!

We are very excited to finally have Jan-Niklas with us. He was scheduled to be with us last month but due to some passport and visa issues, he was not able to come. After some verifications and letters being sent to the consolate, along with much prayer, Jan-Niklas arrived this morning. But this was not without incident.

Jan-Niklas left Germany yesterday morning early but as he traveled, a lady on his flight had a medical emergency causing the plane to have to make an unexpected stop in Newfoundland. With that delay, his flight was a couple hours delayed. Then upon arriving in Chicago and going through border patrol, he was stopped. They officials took him to a secure location and made him sit for 3 hours with no real explanation of what was going on. They simply said there was some issue with his passport. So he waited and waited. When they finally came back they said: “you can go” and that was it. But he missed his flight, of course. Last night at 8pm, I got a call from him as we were just arriving at the airport. He informed of the details and the rebooked flight. They put him in a hotel for the night and we made arrangements to meet in the morning.

jan niklas 1

We went back to the airport about 9am. We had our posters and signs all ready and sure enough, finally about 9:45am, he made it 🙂 We are very excited about the chance we have to have Jan-Niklas with us for the next few months. He will be serving in our worship band, traveling with me to various locations and learning much about the ministry of V2H. Please continue to pray for him as he adjusts and gets over jet lag and time differences.

jan-niklas 2

We have a fundraising dinner and movie tonight at New Vision Church for our Nicaragua trip which starts at 6pm. So right off the bat, he is off and running with us! Thanks for your prayers and support.



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