NC/FL Trip March/April 2014

We just got back home late last night. It’s been a great week-and-a-half. We have logged some serious miles, though! On March 27, I loaded up the truck with three guys I’m mentoring and who are serving as “interns” in some capacity for an extended trip to North Carolina and Florida. We traveled about 10 hours to visit my mom and help take care of some financial stuff with her house and paperwork we are processing from Bill’s passing back in November. It’s amazing how much one has to go through to get the benefits straightened out!

While in town, I worked with the Korean youth group on Saturday, teaching them signs for A Better Way. We had a lot of fun playing games, as you can see in the pics below.

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It’s been great watching this team and youth group develop and God is certainly working in them and through V2H to bring them together and closer to Himself. Thanks for your prayers for this youth group and mission project!

On Sunday, I spoke to the Korean congregation. This is another part of the mission project where I am able to assist the Korean pastor and preach. It gives him a break and also helps provide a chance to minister to the American speaking people in the congregation, so as to help bridge some gaps.

We then left for Orlando, which ended up being a 12 hour drive from where we were! Wow! That was a long haul. But we were all in good spirits as we were headed to the Youth Pastor’s Summit sponsored by Student Leadership University. This event is a free summit for those of us in ministry. They have special guest speakers and seminars geared to encourage and challenge those of us serving youth. It’s a great event and I was happy to be able to bring along Jan-Nicklas, Trevor and Devin.

The first day the event is hosted at Universal’s Hard Rock Cafe, which is a great deal of fun and of course, who can deny the theme park? As park of a gift to us, we got a half-day pass for the park! What a blessing! The second day was hosted at First Baptist Orlando. Throughout the couple days, we were inspired by great stories and admonished through the scripture and preaching to continue the work God is calling us to do. I think the highlight for everyone was hearing and meeting John Maxwell!

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God spoke to me clearly about transformational leadership during this trip and also spoke to me about ministry in general. I hope to post more thoughts on that as soon as I process and recover from the travel. Suffice it to say, the conference was very meaningful to me and all of us who went!

The final leg of our trip took us back to Adventure Christian Academy. I’ve been to this school several times and it’s always a blast being with these students and being able to invest in their lives. I spoke three times Wednesday which was extremely tiring. I haven’t spoken and performed like that in a while! But God carried me through it. The second day was only a 2 performance day and Friday was just once.

From the pics you can see that we had “spirit” week which ended Friday with Mustache Day. It was a lot of fun. Over the course of the three days, I shared with the children about life being fragile like and egg. Each of class got an egg to care for over the three days and I challenged them to construct something to protect their egg for an eggdrop. I also spoke to them about Ps. 20:7 and how important it is that when our lives are cracked and even broken, to trust in the Lord and allow him to piece us back together again.

For the older middle school and high school kids, I performed and shared with them about different ‘voices” that we hear in our lives. It’s so easy to lose God’s small voice amidst all the other clamoring for our minds and thoughts. The week ended with a large combined concert with invited parents. The Lord spoke to hearts and moved in souls. It was a great ending. Also through the time there, Jan-Niklas, Trevor and Devin shared their testimonies in the afternoon sessions, giving them a chance to develop their speaking abilities and grow in ministry.


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It has been a very fruitful time! I thank God for the safety we had in all of our driving and most of all for the opportunity we have had to invest in so many lives in so many unique ways just in the last few days! Thank you for your continued prayers and support of Vision 2 Hear!



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