Graduations and Celebrations



Last Friday I was able to attend the Community Christian School in Stockbridge to watch our final WAVE Team members from that school graduate. Six years ago, Laura O’Kelly and Lawson Molony along with Trevor Jenkins (who graduated from Faith Academy two weeks ago) were all part of the WAVE Team at CCS. Our good friend Scott Kirschner helped start the WAVE team at CCS and we have seen some great kids come out of that school over the last couple years who had their ministry start at CCS (Like Markie Love, Matthew Hooten, and John Washburn). It was great to be there and see these students along with others that were part of WAVE at one point of another (I think there were at least 5 others that were part of our group at some point), walk across the stage and get their diploma! Congrats to Laura and Lawson! We are so proud of you! I also want to mention Amelia Gallo who graduates soon from high school in Miami, and a special congrats to her brother Carl Gallo who achieved his Eagle Scout Badge this year!me and lawson

And by the way, we had several others graduating in other places this year that I have recently been made aware of. So congrats to John Washburn, Olivia Crabtree, Alicia Darrisaw, Chelsea Bruce and all the other former WAVE Team people and family of Vision 2 Hear! You guys are awesome!


After a successful day hosting a yard sale for the Nicaragua Trip last Saturday ( we raised over $400), I spoke at our church service that evening and the following Sunday morning. I was deeply stressed over the last week in all the preparations for the events of the week. But it all paid off and God blessed in some great ways. the sermon went well and I believe God spoke to some people’s hearts and perhaps gave some good insight for the seniors moving into the next phase of their lives. To listen to the sermon and check it out yourself, here is a link: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

We then drove through the night, arriving at 4am in NC to help my mom with a fundraising event for her church mission trip to Peru this coming summer. They had prepared over 1000 egg rolls among other things for a lunch and dinner sale.

DSC_0074 DSC_0027








We helped a little but not as much as we thought we would be needed. I helped drive some of the deliveries and the guys did whatever they could to pitch in. The church sold 390 meals and generated a few thousand for their trip! We praise God for His blessing. Several from the Korean church will join the First Baptist Church of Havelock on a mission trip to Peru in August. My mom and brother will be joining me with New Vision church’s mission trip to Nicaragua in June.

DSC_0145This picture was taken last night as I made my first light painting with my new camera. Nathan Tucker drew the picture and it was hard to see exactly where to focus the camera at first. But i am very excite about the new camera and all the things I hope to be able to do in photography and documenting God working and speaking through His creation and through the medium of photos.DSC_0214   DSC_0290









On Wednesday we had a performance at Atlantic Beach For the FCA group. There were about 30 students attending from Croatan and West Carteret High School. It was cool to be able to perform with some of our WAVE team here. It was a last minute gig so we simply blared the music through the truck sound system, had kids gathered on the grass and we stood in the parking lot and performed Lay Me Down, One Thing Remains and Ignition. They all loved it and it seems as though other doors will be opening because of it.

I’ll be working with the NC WAVE Team tomorrow and having the youth event here. Then I’ll preach to the Korean church Sunday morning at 10:30am. Thanks for all your prayers. I’ll post more soon.


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