Jorge Campos in Iceland

Many of you know Jorge Campos from El Salvador. He has not only traveled with V2H in the USA but recently graduated from college in ES and is now serving as the president of V2H El Salvador. What you may not know is that Jorge has been in Iceland for the last couple months, serving as a missionary teaching spanish. Here’s a little bit about what he is doing and a few pics from his trip.

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From Jorge Campos:

Vision 2 Hear El Salvador and ABROAD, as the Bible says until the end of the world, so here in Iceland I am.

Vision 2 Hear El Salvador has been very blessed since the moment George Lockhart decided to visit our country! We all remember the passion that we saw in George´s teachings, and how he wanted for us to thrive on our journey here on earth as we expanded His kingdom.

This year in el Salvador we have the wave team, that has been visiting schools to share the gospel and do performances to share with kids and youth of rural and poor areas!

The wave has keep meeting every Saturday and more if needed for presentations

Their last 2 performances  were for mothers day of the Saturday classes for deaf students!

The families were very touched by the songs and the dramas, and interesting thing is that almost all the teachers were sick that day, but Ena the coordinator, so the wave team was ready to serve and hey helped get ready all the tamales for the mothers, cutting and getting them ready to be served, and served unto the tables, and passing the drinks and all.  Ena said to them they were angles sent from heaven that Day, cuz she wouldn’t be able to do it all by herself.

The other was at the institution of abandoned childhood! They did a terrific job, organizing and putting it all together!

Also the ministry in the Suchitoto village has been great! As some get together for wave practice, we have others heading to Suchitoto village, to do ministry with the mothers of that village, my mom has been doing such an awesome job with them, through crafts and refreshments she shares bible principles to the mothers, to be a one community to help each other and to be more like Christ, and then a group of the students help with a small VBS program with the children of the village! They love it! The village its and agricultural based village, with lacking of many resources, so even sometimes we only have a little paper craft for them, they love t and get so excited, it’s a different day in their working on the field routing for those kids!

On the other hand, I am here on a short term mission trip in Iceland! This has been a challenge!

God for sure wanted to bring me out of my comfort zone to teach me!

First the cold weather its been a challenge, but I am more adapted now! Now when it hits the 39F I start sweating  it’s so hot now for me haha, compared to the lower 28F when I arrived, the change of the time schedule that has been a challenge and I still haven’t been able to adapt! Hahaha, the sun its up all day long so quite the thing! Some times I just cant fall sleep! 

But God has been so good! He has blessed me with an incredible Icelandic host family!

The sights are incredible everyday! Beautiful place that has allowed me to connect with Him and listen to His voice! I am praying here that He would be the one directing my path as I have finished college, so may he be the one leading me and the ministry in El Salvador!

This is a country in a lot of need of the Lord, in the lives of the adults, teenagers all! In the area that I am now, the church building is closed with no pastor. A man comes with his family and one other lady  every 15days to pray, but that’s all!

So we have been inviting our neighbors for typical Salvadorian food with the Salvadorian family that brought me here! And we share the gospel them and we give them a Bible! We would wish to give more Bibles away but they are 70 dollars each for a small Bible!

In this time I have been teaching 3 groups of Spanish classes, building relationships with them, to share the gospel.

Its been an interesting opportunity to help and share!

Please keep praying that God will lead us and strengthen us as we go for the last couple of weeks with the classes! And prepare the graduation event in the one we will pass the gospel message!

Love you all thanks for your prayers and your support with donations to keep us going in the fields!!


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