3 Changes To Consider

3 changes to consider

No one really likes change. But the ones who can embrace it and even champion it can seriously benefit from it. Here are three things I’d encourage you to consider changing over the summer to see how it affects your spiritual growth.

1) Change Your Posture.

During the summer, try out a new posture for prayer. Many of us have no problem bowing our heads to pray but what about bowing a knee? What about laying on the floor? Raising your hands? It’s amazing to consider what a simple change in posture can communicate. Bowing a knee communicates humility. Laying on the floor communicates sacrifice. Raising hands communicates neediness or surrender. You may not be comfortable to do this in public but may I encourage you to move out of your comfort zone this summer and change your posture? You just may sense God in a whole new way!

2) Change Your Preparation.

To be prepared for change we need to change the way we prepare. When we change the way we prepare things or prepare for things it causes us to be much more focused and intentional. We can actually learn better when we change things up occasionally. Consider learning in a different way: don’t just memorize but make art out of your lesson. Make it a song or a poem. Instead of just reading an article, talk to someone who does what you need to know. Learn a new skill and seek to find how it connects to what you are learning in life. Study in a new location. Take your office outside….to the garden or beach or library. Changing how we prepare for lessons or preaching can prepare us for the change God wants to bring to our lives overall.

3) Change Your Practices.

We are all creatures of habit. Habits allow us to do things without fully engaging or focusing our attention. Therefore when we change how we practice…live…it opens us up for becoming different and better. Changing the way we practice can be done in small simple doses like juts changing the path you take to work or school. Driving a new road can lead to some wonderful discoveries. Perhaps using your non-dominant hand or foot more regularly? And what about not using a hand or foot for a period? How would that give you a greater appreciation and sense of gratitude? Maybe simply changing where you practice…like instead of singing in the shower maybe you need to sing on stage? Maybe instead of practicing your hoops at home, you need to go to a gym and interact with others? Maybe you can adopt a new custom from a different culture like bowing when you  meet someone or taking off your shoes when you enter a house? Maybe you can start blessing others when you greet or depart? Trying a new place of practice or new practices as a whole (sport, art form, language) can certainly bring a new light to God and to your life, so change it up!
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George Lockhart is the Creative Worship Pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA and founder and president of Vision 2 Hear Ministries.


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