7@45 Seven Things Life Has Taught Me


7 @45Today marks a new year in my life. It’s hard to believe that I have been alive 45 years! In those 45 years I have seen my share of joys and heartaches, committed my share of mistakes, and sought to make a contribution to society as well as to the Kingdom of God. The sun has already set on my first day of my new year…”Poof!” It’s gone. Reflection and evaluation play large roles in my life. As I endeavor to grow and become better and ultimately the best version of myself and all that God imagined me to be, I must constantly seek to apply lessons to my life. Here are seven things I jotted down as I thought through some of the most important things I take into year 45.


While full knowledge of both of these subjects is unattainable, don’t forget to…

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