Flag Day: A Celebration of Surrender

George Lockhart

flag day 2

Today is Flag Day (and also my Birthday). It’s no coincidence I like flags! But what is Flag Day all about? I did a little research and here’s what I found out.

US_Flag_Day_poster_1917Flag Day is essentially the day that we as The United States of America decided to use the flag that we fly as our official flag to symbolize our country. On June 14, 1777 the US congress adopted the “stars and stripes” as our national emblem and each June 14 is to commemorate that decision. Here’s how we got there.

In 1912, President Taft signed into law what the flag should look like, since many flags previously had differing sized stars and points. Four years later, President Wilson officially proclaimed June 14 as “Flag Day”. But it wasn’t until 1949 when President Truman signed legislation that set June 14 as National Flag Day. On Flag Day, flags are…

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