Nicaragua Team #2 New Vision Church


nicateam #2

Today we loaded up 13 people and headed to Nicaragua for our second trip of the summer. This team is composed of 9 first timers to Nicaragua, which include my mom and brother along with various members of my church at New Vision. Five team members attended the Nicaragua mission last year.

We are very thankful for the folks who gave and supported us for this trip. I’d like to give a special thanks to The Summit Church, who used some of their VBS mission emphasis to generate a huge box of school supplies and Bibles for us to bring down.  We are very excited to be bringing down a lot of supplies and a huge bag of baseball gear which the Tennessee team sent. That team was there a couple weeks ago and they had a surplus of items they couldn’t take with them so we made accommodation to get it there. A very special thanks to the Cauldwell family for donating the wheelchair. And of course, I’d like to thank New Vision Church for all of their support financially and prayerfully to help make this trip possible.

Our trip will have a couple of different purposes:

Feed and care for the poor.
We will make a trip to Ten Tall, a place where there is no electricity or running water. We will make soup and feed that community and then perform some music. We will also go to Chinadega and visit the dump, where we will feed and perform music as we’ll. These are the two main feedings we will do along with one at the camp itself, probably.

Encourage the WAVE team. 
A couple trips ago, we established the sign language team there and they have been on fire! They always learn well and use what they learn immediately to share with other teams that come in to serve.  While there, I’ll hopefully be able to teach them at least three new songs that they can use in worship services and we will brush up on some of the ones they are already performing just to make sure signs are accurate and a clear.

Kids camp.
Another addition to our encouraging believers as well as evengelism this year will be offering a kids camp for a couple hours for three days. We will promote it in the area and then host the camp where kids will have games, bible time and competition. We are hoping for at least 50 kids each day for camp and feel like this could be huge in reaching families in the community.

Our team.
One final purpose is to impact our team with the power of ministry abroad. Mission trips are a great ya to encounter God and have our lives changed too. So I am hoping that from this trip, we will have our lives impacted in significant ways as we serve and give. If this trip is anything like w rest I have been on, this will most certainly happen. Just join us in prayer that everyone who is on the trip hears God and then understands what we need to do once we return.

I’ll be out of touch for most if the week but will post when I am able. Thanks again for all your love and support.

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