German Team Arrives In Atlanta

2014-07-17 21.22.13A couple weeks ago, the German team arrived but only stayed two nights before heading off to Alabama for a week long summer camp with a partner church in Montgomery. They arrived back in Atlanta on Sunday and since then we have had a whirlwind schedule! But here’s a little history about the team.

The team of 13 from Siegburg, Germany consists of several that have traveled to the USA before on a mission trip. They are being lead by Ralf Dohring who served as an intern in the USA several years ago. This team has a great connection with some churches in the USA, having started a partnership with a church in Texas which helps them sponsor a baseball camp each year. This year’s camp which just wrapped before they got here had 100 participants. What’s really cool about this is that a former intern of V2H, Nick Poole, was also there serving with the baseball camp. Nick has been living in Germany for a year and just returned to the USA to get married on August the 10. Nick is really how we got hooked together with Jan-Niklas and this whole German connection in the first place.

With the teams arrival, we have already been exposing them to all that Atlanta has to offer: World of Coke, Fernbank Museum, A Braves Game, with much more to come. It’s been great seeing their excitement about taking in all that our beautiful city has to offer. Much more it’s great to see how God brings people together and connects people for His Kingdom work. Please pray for the German team has they have one more week with us…and it will be a busy one! While you’re at it, pray for how and what God may want us to do together in Germany in the future 🙂



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