Finding God’s “Perfect Will”?

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NEW PRODUCTWhat does it mean to you when people ask about God’s Will for their lives? This is something I have questioned myself…often. Even as a guy who’s been in the ministry for years, served in many capacities, and been around the world on multiple mission projects, I can still wonder if I am in God’s perfect will, doing the things I should be doing. How about you?

I’m glad to be in such good company! The fact is that many of us, especially those who sincerely want to please God and serve Him can find ourselves in gridlock, stopped dead in our tracks because we are wrestling with this whole concept of knowing and doing God’s “perfect will” for our lives.

Having approached the mid-life point of life and been faced with multiple decision opportunities over the course of my life, I want to share some of the things I…

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