Miami: First couple of days

2014-09-08 08.13.13-2

It’s Tuesday and what a first couple of days!

We arrived Sunday night and got settled into our place of residence for the next couple of weeks: The Gallos. For years now, The Gallos have provided tons of food for innumerable people, housing and real loving friendship and service for me and my travel companions. Whether they were interns, volunteers, or kids, The Gallo house has been a place of refuge and a home-away-from-home for so many. Those of you who have been here before can attest to that fact! It’s a little different this time, though; Amelia is not here. Last May, Amelia graduated and recently moved into her dorm at The University of Central Florida.

But we still have many faces here in Miami that we know and recognize. One of the cool things that has been happening is one of our “older” V2Her’s Vicki Jimenez has been employed by Christ Fellowship to work with their students in an after school program to teach them some sign language. Vicki has been working with them for a couple weeks to prepare them for our arrival. They have joined us on stage the last couple of days signing songs like Light Up The Sky and Superhero.


Me outside of the Nazarene Church, which is where Princeton Christian has their chapel services

After running into several people I haven’t seen in a while, I got an email from another friend, Pam Armstrong, principal at Princeton Christian School. She was able to arrange for us to be in their chapel service today. This was another great opportunity! We shared for about 45 minutes with close to 100 students before closing out the time.

During the week, the theme is Jesus is our Light. We are sharing many songs that communicate that theme and message. We are also using a few other songs that are classics for the students like Lawnmower and Ignition. They are all having a blast!

Kids preparing a song for chapel at Christ Fellowship

Kids preparing a song for chapel at Christ Fellowship

With the talks all being about Light, I am using objects like flashlights, light bulbs, glow sticks and such to communicate the message in ways that the kids can connect and easily understand. Please keep them in your prayers as the week continues on. Of course, our desire is that they all come to a better understanding of Jesus being their only Source of Light and that they move closer to Him throughout the week. Tomorrow is Grandparent’s Day, so please pray that as we share it will speak to all the people attending.

2014-09-08 19.31.12

Sunset yesterday. It’s great to be here!













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